Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park in California is yet another island park. I wish they had chosen another name. When I hear “Channel Islands” I think of Guernsey and Jersey, not Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara. Oh well, they never consult me about these things.

We had one day to visit the park, and on a one-day trip it is possible to visit only one island. We chose Anacapa because the closest and smallest seemed to be a good choice for our first trip. It turned out to be an excellent choice. The boat leaves from Ventura, and once I got the song Ventura Highway out of my head, it was a great day for a boat ride. The big excitement of the trip was when we saw hundreds of dolphins and birds in a feeding frenzy at a spot where the dolphins had found some fish.

Anacapa Island is actually three islands, East, Middle, and West. The boat goes to East Anacapa Island, and there is a long flight of steps up from the dock. On this end of the island there is a lighthouse. The island is rather small, only a mile or so long and not very wide. The views are spectacular, as the island’s surface is several hundred feet above the surrounding ocean. There are huge swaths of beautiful wildflowers and many birds, seals, and sea lions. There is plenty of time to enjoy the scenery because the boat drops you off for about four hours, and hiking around the island takes a fraction of that time. At the west tip is Inspiration Point, from which there is an excellent view of Middle and West Anacapa Islands.

The different islands have different characteristics, and I would definitely like to return and try some of the others.

My visit: March 2005


  1. When I went to the Channel Islands, we stayed mostly on the west island. I had a blast! I loved seeing the veiw from Inspiration Point.

    -Sarah Compton from http://nationalparksvisitorsguide.com/index.php/channel-islands

  2. My friends and I am making plan for fishing. As a look wise, “Anacapa Island” is perfect for us. Could you please provide me some information about fishes which are available in this place?
    Basically last time, I visited Shenandoah River. Where I found Bass fish and I liked it very much. This trip was also awesome. We enjoy a lot in this river. I’m hoping Anacapa Island would also memorable place for us.

  3. Well, fish at Channel Islands would be saltwater ocean fish which are different from freshwater river fish. However, this is a moot point, since the islands are surrounded by a marine sanctuary. You'll want to pick a different place for fishing.

  4. Anyone ever visit it? Did you take a boat to it? how bout the cruise around it?